About Us

  • Are you confused by all the audio & video equipment choices available to you?
  • Are you too busy or uncomfortable walking into consumer electronics superstores or audio/video showrooms?
  • Are you building a new home and want to know about home theaters, whole house music or lighting and dimming control?

If so, then Chathen Consulting is the service for you. We started this company based upon the premise that people want to incorporate technical solutions into their homes but don’t necessarily know how to go about doing so.

Think of us as your personal technologist.

Our job is to analyze your needs, choose products that integrate seamlessly, install them so they fit naturally into the home, and provide enough after-care service so the system is always operational.

Chathen Consulting wants to help you get the right technology into your home and make sure that you can comfortably enjoy and use it. If you’re interested, contact us to help you accomplish this goal.